Album Review: Fenech-Soler

Fenech-Soler - Self Titled Debut Album

Style: Indie Electro Pop-ish
Pros: A Fun listen.
Cons: I am not sure of how to exactly pronounce their name.
Overview: Fenech-Soler's self titled debut album is a fun Electro pop album, that was released under the radar (I didn't even know they released this album last year despite the few singles they released) It's also not currently available in the States, so er... buying an import CD maybe... or through their website...

Anyways Fenech-Soler first caught my attention on the Groove Armada song Paper Romance... and if you do like that song you will probably like this album. Although, the Groove Armada song may seem a bit more smooth and melodic than anything you'll find on this album. Fenech-Soler does have some good songs and is worthy of listen.
Top Songs: Lies, Stop and Stare, Demons
3.25 out of 5 vinyls

Fenech-Soler Website

Purchase Single: Stop and Stare

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