Coachella 2011 Rumored Add-ons

So the Coachella 2011 Line-Up was just announced, and it's now time to start the rumored Add-ons list. Previous late additions to the Coachella Line-Up have included Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Madonna, and Prince... so who knows what Coachella has in store this year. However, I do think this year's line-up is pretty packed solid; there really isn't room for much more. Anyways, here are some of the rumored late additions to Coachella 2011:

Daft Punk
Supposedly were offered to play in 2011, but turned it down due to not being ready from a production standpoint. Many Daft Punk fans were wishing they play at Coachella again, so I'll just keep this on here in the hopes they might change their mind.

Hasn't played Coachella since the first one.

David Bowie

Umm... more wishful thinking than anything.

DJ Shadow

New album out this year and a planned 2011 tour.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live
Danny DeVito on Jimmy Kimmel last year, just chattin...

Queens of the Stone Age
Working on a new album this year... and from Palm Desert... they can literally bike to Coachella.

They are headed through Southern California in late March... so possibly not... but still a possibility.

They have tour dates listed up till early April... then a break during Coachella weekend, then back on tour in late April...???

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