Coachella Sold Out... How Do I Get Tickets?

8 ways to get tickets to a sold out Coachella.

What's the best way to get Coachella tickets, now that the famed music event has sold out? Well, here is some advice.

1) Have lots of money
Because if it is sold out, then quite possibly, a lot of scalpers have gotten a hold of Coachella tickets and are already selling them online for way more than the asking price, when Coachella is still far away. Also, Coachella isn't handing out tickets anymore, but wristbands... so beware.

2) Stubhub
Granted tickets on here are probably scapled... making prices super high... but Stubhub guarantees it is a safe place to get tickets, so you won't be buying a fake.

3) Craigslist
The ultimate in classified ads... just beware that there is a higher possibility than Stubhub that you will get a fake ticket.

4) eBay
Of course the other place where tickets are available from (scalpers) ahem, sellers...

5) Listen to the radio and win.
Radio stations like KROQ, 98.7 or KCRW in Southern California, or any other "Coachella touting" radio station will probably start giving away Coachella passes as prizes if they haven't already.

6) Scour the Web and win
Big music blogs and websites (or even smaller ones) also tend to have contests to boost their readership, and a great way to do that is giving away Coachella tickets. (Sorry, I don't have a Coachella contest this year)

7) Wait
Sometimes Goldenvoice does release another batch of tickets later on... sometimes to deter scalpers.

8) Wait Again... till the last minute (or the last week)
Sometimes people (for whatever reason) cant make it to Coachella and have to sell their ticket, most of them want to get rid of them as soon as possible, before they lose $300. Scalpers with extra tickets may also suddenly get a tight wad, and have to drop their prices.

How much is Coachella Worth to You? Beware of Scalpers!

If you're an Artist, You could win VIP Tickets to Coachella

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Steevusweevus said...

These are fake tickets...I remember when they flooded the market...it said empire polo club...not field !...