Coachella 2011 Already Sold Out?

Yes... According to the Coachella's ticket webpage, it says,

"Festival passes no longer available."

A week goes by since the release of the lineup, then Bamm!!! Tickets are sold out. This must be a record Coachella sell out. Wow! I don't think anyone saw that coming. I checked ticketmaster to be sure, and yes, tickets aren't available... Stubhub has tickets, but the cheapest one I found was $900... ouch! You can now expect the lax ticket buyers to head on over to Craigslist or eBay and pay up the ass for the 3 day pass.

The only other hope is if Goldenvoice decides to release an extra batch of tickets, which they have done in years previous... but who knows, they might already be content.

SOLD OUT... How do I still get tickets to Coachella?

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