12 Coolest Music Videos of 2010

The 12 Coolest Music Videos of 2010

Some people do a "Best Music Videos of the Year" list, I, on the other hand, am different. How different? Instead of "best music video," I give you the "Coolest Music Video List."

My, oh, my, did I have to watch a lot of music videos to compile this list (probably missing a few)... and the result: there were a lot of good music videos this past year. One band seems to have made it more than once on this list (I won't name'm, now... you'll just have to find out for yourself.) Anyways, here are the 12 Coolest Music Videos of 2010:

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12) Brandon Flowers - Crossfire
Charlize Theron, is in this... Yep, that's pretty much why it makes this list. She can rescue me any day.

11) Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone
Lady Gaga at her weirdest and WTF-est. I thought Alejandro was pretty silly and WTF, but this...

10) Gorillaz - Stylo
Bruce "f**kin" Willis.

9) Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours
Awesome animation to this trendy disco house song. Must've taken the artist a really long time to do this...

8) OK Go - White Knuckles
I didn't like this one at first, but upon further review it is quite immense in it's choreography.

7) Hollerado - Americanarama
Clever video, much like another OK Go perhaps?

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