Paranormal Activity 2 Scares away the Competition

Paranormal Activity 2 easily spooked away the competition this weekend before Halloween, with just over $40 million. Although, It did have a huge drop from Friday to Sunday. Whatever the case, this movie is already a success as the budget is said to be $3 million. Cha-ching!

Jackass 3D had an expected big drop (nearly 60%) from last weekend to finish in second place, with just over $20 million.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. Paranormal Activity 2: $41.5 million ($41.5 million total) Budget: $3 million
  2. Jackass 3D: $21.6 million ($87.1 million total) Budget: $20 million
  3. Red: $15 million ($43.5 million total) Budget: $58 million
  4. Hereafter: $12 million ($12.3 million total) Budget: $50 million
  5. The Social Network: $7.3 million ($72.9 million total) Budget: $50 million

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Yes, a couple paranormal scare (well, one anyways) into theaters...

Paranormal Activity 2

Flop Factor: 30%
Pros: Low budget, positive (really?) reviews so far.
Cons: The original's success was an abnormal fluke. Blair Witch Project 2 proved to be a box office disappointment.

Flop Factor: 50%
Pros: Clint Eastwood directing.
Cons: Reviews haven't been on par with other recent Clint Eastwood movies, like Invictus, Gran Torino, and even Changeling... I also heard it wasn't that great, either.

My Predictions:
Paranormal Activity: $26 million
Jackass 3D: $22 million
Red: $11 million
Hereafter: $9 million
The Social Network: $7 million

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