The Social Network Goes Live At the Box Office

David Fincher's The Social Network easily took the top spot this weekend at the box office with $23 million (Although a bit a lower than anticipated). Expect this film to stay around for awhile as it garners Oscar buzz and major critical acclaim.

Other newcomers, Renee Zellweger's Case 39 and Let the Right One in remake, Let Me In ranked in 7th and 8th respectively, with nearly $5.3 million each.--- which is pretty lame in my book, especially for Let Me In, which has great reviews (but then again I've already seen this movie, just in Swedish).

As for that failing Owl movie, Legend of the Guardians, it managed to drop only 30% this weekend to $10.9 million. It still has ways to go before it recoups its $80 million budget.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. The Social Network: $23 million ($23 million total) Budget: $50 million
  2. Legend of the Guardians: $10.9 million ($30 million total) Budget: $80 million
  3. Wall Street 2: $10.1 million ($35.9 million total) Budget: $70 million
  4. The Town: $10 million ($64.3 million total) Budget: $37 million
  5. Easy A: $7 million ($42.4 million total) Budget: $8 million

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A few new movies open this weekend, one a movie about Facebook.

The Social Network

Flop Factor: 10%
Pros: David Fincher directs a movie about the rise of Facebook. Getting 100% so far on Rottentomatoes, but will probably drop a little bit as time goes on.
Cons: Facebook head hancho, Mark Zuckerberg, has openly said he will not see this film.

Let Me In
Flop Factor: 50%
Pros: Great reviews.
Cons: Not many people are familiar with the original, Let the Right One In, made just a few years ago. Also being overshadowed, by that Facebook movie.

Case 39
Flop Factor: 90%
Pros: ???
Cons: It sat on the shelf, completed, for a few years, before studios found a time to release it.

My Predictions
The Social Network: $40 million
Wall Street 2: $9 million
Let Me In: $9 million
Legend of the Guardians: $8 million
The Town: $8 million
Case 39: $6 million

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