Disney's California Adventure elecTRONica Dance Party!

Yes... you're not reading it wrong, it's a TRON based dance party in Disney's California Adventure.

I actually visited California Adventure this Summer and was caught off guard by their Glow Fest that happened at night in the Hollywood Backlot area (It was pretty much a family "glow in the dark" rave, with Pop dance tunes... weird, I know... but somehow still fun). Now I have found out that on October 8th, they are transforming that area into a TRON themed dance party.

Say what???

Yeah... called ElecTRONica. It is a cross promotional deal with the upcoming release of Disney's Tron: Legacy, which hits theaters in December.

Well, it's just going to be Daft Punk all the way then? Since after all, they are scoring the movie Tron Legacy and their shows are very Tron inspired anyway. Here's an idea, let's get Daft Punk to play at California Adventure... That'll be something. I may have to shell out some $70 bucks to check this out.

more info on the Disney Blog.

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