Best of America's Got Talent Semifinals

Wow! Week 14 was probably the best night of America's Got Talent in history. The talent was pretty amazing here were my favorites outside of Fighting Gravity and Jackie Evancho.

To see their semifinal acts click here: Fighting Gravity or Jackie Evancho.

Michael Grasso
I'm glad they brought him back, his style is cool and slick, and his magic trick is pretty damn cool. I could see him as a total Las Vegas act.

Studio One Young Beast Society
They showed off some pretty crazy skills...

Acrobatic Aerialists
Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon
Okay, so I thought this was going to be lame at first, but it turned out pretty well. The music, the choreography, the drama. They might not make it to the finals, but understand, there's NO damn safety net!

Other Notables
Alice Tan Ridley - She sang a Whitney Houston song really well.
Maestro Alexander Bui - I don't know why Howie Mandel buzzed him, but that piano piece (Flight of the Bumble Bee vs Boogie Woogie?) is pretty hard to play.
Jeremy Vanshoonhoven - He fell... That's why I didn't post the video. Although, to his respect, he was performing with major injuries because of his giant fall during rehearsal which resulted in him going to the hospital. That's tough... I would have liked to have seen him perform at the top of his game.
Nathaniel Kenyon - Wasn't the best vocal performance, but he has the teen girl vote.

Fighting Gravity's Awesome Semifinals act.
Jackie Evancho's Semifinals performance

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