Last Exorcism overtakes Takers for Top Spot at the Box Office... Not!!!

In a "who cares what movies are playing this weekend" weekend, The Last Exorcism managed to sneak past other newcomer, Takers for a photo finish ($21.3 million vs $21 million respectively). Although final tallies wont be available till Monday, The Last Exorcism is already a hit, since it only cost about $1.8 million to make.

The Expendables slipped to third place, pulling in just over $9 million. Avatar: Special Edition, managed a nice $4 million, continuing to raking up more box office records.

Another record breaker, Toy Story 3, managed to break past the $1 billion mark worldwide, this past week and is now the only animated movie to do so. It is also the second movie this year to break that barrier, behind Disney's other movie, Alice in Wonderland. Hrmm... I guess Disney is doing pretty well this year, despite those Jerry Bruckheimer disappointments...

Update: Takers takes final lead over The Last Exorcism.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. Takers: $20.5 million ($20.5 million total) Budget: $20 million
  2. The Last Exorcism: $20.4 million ($20.4 million total) Budget: $1.8 million
  3. The Expendables: $9.5 million ($82 million total) Budget: $80 million
  4. Eat Pray Love: $7 million ($60.7 million total) Budget: $60 million
  5. The Other Guys: $6.6 million ($99.3 million total) Budget: $100 million
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A couple of new movies hit theaters this weekend. Also Avatar heads back in theaters again.---oooh! Special Edtion with an extra 9 minutes.

Why it might be a hit: Pretty big cast and there's nothing else out.
Why it might tank: It's late August, home of leftover, junk movies.

The Last Exorcism
Why it might be a hit: There's nothing else out... looks funny.
Why it might tank: People really want to see this film?

My Predictions:
Takers: $9 million
The Expendables: $8 million
The Last Exorcism: $7 million
Eat Pray Love: $6 million
Avatar: $5 million

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