Should the 10 Year Old Opera Girl Win America's Got Talent?

Yes, I'm talking about Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old opera singer that stunned America last week when she hit the stage on America's Got Talent. In fact, she was so good it sounded like she was lip-synching to a CD track. However, this has been proven wrong and that she indeed, can sing; hitting those unheard of notes from a mere 10 year old girl.

Anyways, the question resides: Does Jackie Evancho deserve to win? At first, I would totally agree yes because she does have the total package. However, I've come to realize that she already has an album out on iTunes and Amazon. Is that fair? You can check it out for yourself... Jackie Evancho: Prelude to a Dream.

Then again, many unknown singers already have albums released on iTunes or Amazon, since well... almost anyone can get there music on there. But where is the line between being a professional singer and being an amateur talent? My guess is that if you are already making a good living while singing, then you obviously won't get onto the show. Have you heard of Jackie Evancho before America's Got Talent? Probably not.

I'm just mad that my other favorite talent on America's Got Talent may not win now, unless they step it up a few notches.

What is your take on this? Does she Jackie Evancho deserve to win America's Got Talent even though she has an album out?

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