Expendables Tops Second Weekend

Stallone's action flick, The Expendables, easily held off weak, new competition in it's second weekend of release with over $16 million. In a crap shoot of newcomers, Vampires Suck was the highest of the week, just edging out Julia Robert's Eat Pray Love, for second place with about $12.2 million.

Piranha 3D, Nanny Mcphee Returns, and The Switch ranked right outside of the top 5 (6,7, and 8 perspectively). While Scott Pilgrim vs. The World continues its disappointment, dropping over 50% this weekend despite it's positive reviews.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. The Expendables: $16.5 million ($64.9 million total) Budget: $80 million
  2. Vampires Suck: $12.2 million ($18.6 million total) Budget: $20 million
  3. Eat Pray Love: $12 million ($47.1 million total) Budget: $60 million
  4. Lottery Ticket: $11.1 million ($11.1 million total) Budget: $17 million
  5. The Other Guys: $10.1 million ($88.2 million total) Budget: $100 million

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A slew of late Summer movies vie to make some money at the box office.

Okay so I don't want to write a synopsis for each of these movies, but I'll list them:

Lottery Ticket
Nanny McPhee Returns
Piranha 3D
The Switch
Vampires Suck

And say: Late August is usually a dumping ground for leftover movies that didn't fit in the Summer line up. You know what that means...

My Predictions:
The Expendables: $18 million
Eat Pray Love: $12 million
The Other Guys: $9 million
Nanny McPhee Returns: $8 million
Piranha 3D: $7 million

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