Album Review: Delphic - Acolyte

Delphic - Acolyte
Style: Phoenix meets house, electronic... wikipedia says alternative dance
Pros: Fun, melodic, spacey
Cons: If you don't like alternative dance...
Overview: I was actually surprised to like this album because there are a lot of bands that have recently broke onto the scene that sound similar (Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, and a host of others), making it hard to stand out from what has been already done. In essence, it is not very different from those bands listed, but Acolyte does have a little extra something (I can't really pinpoint it). Maybe just because it's produced by Ewan Pearson, a popular house techno music producer, who somehow managed to blend his electronic background superbly to the melodic wonderings of the band.
Top Songs: All pretty good
4 out of 5

Delphic Website.

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