Who the Hell Are Die Antwoord?

And why are they famous?

The South African rap-rave group, Die Antwoord, has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, ever since they debuted their live set at Coachella this past year (some may even say way before then). The buzz has been exponentially big across the interent and in the hallways of hipster-ville yet not much is known about them...

I've tried to listen to some of their songs and found it rather hard to take their music seriously, because it sounds more on the amusing side of things. You are thinking: is this a joke? Some people have even commented that it is a cross between Eminem and Vanilla Ice on meth. Others have claimed that Die Antwoord are a total fake and they are an act simliar to Ali G. But whatever the case, their "are they for real?" status has gained a lot of popularity over the course of a year.

Upon further listening to their material you realize that the rapping is pretty sync and the lyrics pretty tight, even though their melodic stabs sounds like you're in a kid's imagination. Die Antwoord definitely does know what they are doing, fake or not.

The current buzz circulating around Die Antwoord has the remote possibility of pushing them to success on the mainstream level (Their video for Enter the Ninja has already over 5 million hits). And if you think about it, the mainstream crowd is ready to gobble up something new and different... and Die Antwoord definitely fits the "different" category. Especially when part of their allure is the serious absurdity of their nature; a polarizing audience is still an audience. But then again they could flail away like every other cool, hip, underground band of the second.

What say you? Are you already onboard the Die Antwoord bandwagon?

Die Antwoord Website.

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