Toy Story 3 Revives Summer Box Office

It was no surprise this weekend as the third installment of the Toy Story franchise debuted at number one this weekend, with about $109 million, easily beating out every other movie in town. It is Pixar's highest debut, easily topping The Incredibles' $70.5 million weekend.

As for that other new movie, Jonah Hex, it made only $5.1 million and most likely will not recoup it's budget, whatever that may be (rumored to be around $50 million). I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of contenders for this years Razzie awards.

Weekend Estimates:
  1. Toy Story 3: $109 million ($109 million total) Budget: n/a
  2. The Karate Kid: $29 million ($106.3 million total) Budget: $40 million
  3. The A-Team: $13.8 million ($49.8 million) Budget: $110 million
  4. Get Him to the Greek: $6.1 million ($47.9 million total) Budget: $40 million
  5. Shrek Forever After: $5.5 million ($223 million total) Budget: $165 million

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A couple of new movies hit theaters this weekend...

Toy Story 3
Why it will be a hit: The best animated franchise in town.
Why it might tank: If this tanks, the rest of the year in movies are doomed.

Jonah Hex
Why it will be a hit: Action? Visual Effects? Megan Fox?
Why it might tank: No one wants to see this film.

My Predictions:
Toy Story 3: $115 million
The Karate Kid: $30 million
Jonah Hex: $14 million
The A-Team: $13 million
Shrek Forever After: $8 million

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