Album Review: Pendulum - Immersion

Pendulum - Immersion

Style: Drum and Bass meets Rock.
Pros: Somewhat a mash between the Rock-like styling of their last album and the more Drum and Bass offerings of their first. Also, at 15 tracks it feels more complete, rather than the 10 off of In Silico.
Cons: Not much.
Overview: I am a big Pendulum fan and it's getting harder and harder for them to become unique against themselves. But like their previous efforts, there a lot of enjoyable songs from Immersion. There is one song on this album, however (which makes sense in how extraordinarily crazy their sound is), that takes it into a completely different genre. I, for one am on the fence about this song (When you hear the entire album, you'll know which one it is) even though I like the fact they are trying something different. I just hope this wont be the future evolution for Pendulum.
Top Songs: Watercolour; The Island Pt 1; The Island Pt 2
4 out of 5

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