Shrek Takes the Top Spot

Shrek the Final Chapter, or Shrek Forever After... whatever the hell this fourth ogre movie is called, easily took the top spot at the box office this weekend, with a little over $70 million. However, this is account is much less than the $122 million opening weekend for Shrek the Third and the $108 million for Shrek 2.

Studio executives remained positive with this outcome because they believe this film has legs since it is in 3D. And it will will prove to move audiences like How to Train Your Dragon did back in March. And yes, they are omitting the fact that this is the fourth in a franchise that should have ended with the third film.

In other news, the Saturday Night Live flick, MacGruber disappointingly did well under expectations making only $4.1 million. There's not much to fear though, as it only cost about $10 million to make.

Weekend Estimates
  1. Shrek Forever After: $71.3 million ($71.3 million total) Budget: $165 million
  2. Iron Man 2: $26.6 million ($251.3 million total) Budget: $200 million
  3. Robin Hood: $18.7 million ($66.1 million total) Budget: $200 million
  4. Letters to Juliet: $9.1 million ($27.4 million total) Budget: n/a
  5. Just Wright: $4.2 million ($14.6 million total) Budget: n/a
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Two new films battle it out this weekend....

Shrek Forever After
Why it will be a hit: It's a franchise and parents will take their kids to see it.
Why it will tank: I hope this is the last one. Actually, I hoped their last one was the last one.

Why it will be a hit: It's been getting good buzz.
Why it might tank: People might think it's too dumb for their tastes.

My Predictions:
Shrek Forever After: $78 million
Iron Man 2: $25 million
Robin Hood: $18 million
MacGruber: $15 million
Letters to Juliet: $5 million

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