A Dragon Back on Top

Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon climbed back into the top spot in it's fifth week of release, easily beating newcomers The Back-Up Plan and The Losers. The Steve Carell and Tina Fey movie Date Night, is still holding up well in it's third week, only dropping about 37% from last week.

Weekend Estimates:
How to Train Your Dragon: $15 million ($178 million total)
The Back-Up Plan: $12.3 million ($12.3 million total)
Date Night: $10.6 million ($63.5 million total)
The Losers: $9.6 million ($9.6 million total)
Kick-Ass: $9.5 million ($34.9 million total)

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A few new movies hit theaters this weekend.

The Back-up Plan
Why it might be a hit: Jennifer Lopez romantic comedies do decently well.
Why it might tank: Aren't people tired of seeing her in the same movie over and over again? She only stars in a film once a year to say, "Hey, I'm still here. I'm still famous."

The Losers
Why it might be a hit: Has somewhat of a built in audience from it's comic book series.
Why it might tank: The trailer left me unimpressed. Critics are going to have a field day with incorporating the title of the movie into their headlines.

Why it might be a hit: Perfectly timed released on Earth Day.
Why it might tank: I don't know if I'd pay 12 bucks to see this movie in the theaters. Maybe if it's in Imax.

My Predictions:
How to Train Your Dragon: $15 million
The Back-Up Plan: $14 million
Kick-Ass: $11 million
Date Night: $10 million
The Losers: $8 million

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