Alice in Wonderland Sets 3D Record

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, easily took the top spot this weekend, with over $116 million, becoming the biggest movie to debut in 3D. It also is the biggest opening for a movie in March, surpassing 300's $71 million.

Weekend Estimates:
Alice in Wonderland: $116.3 million ($116.3 million total)
Brooklyn's Finest: $13.5 million ($13.5 million)
Shutter Island: $13.3 million ($95.8 million total)
Cop Out: $9.1 million ($32.4 million total)
Avatar: $7.7 million ($720.2 million total)

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Two new movies hit theaters this weekend, one of them a mushroom trip... ahem, a fantasy movie.

Alice in Wonderland
Why it might be a hit: Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland, it seems like a perfect match. Also, with the success of Avatar in 3D, we are looking for something new. Oh yeah, Johnny Depp is also in this movie, which might help a bit. This movie has all the studio exec's seeing dollar signs.
Why it might tank: Tim Burton's last few films haven't been all that special.

Brooklyn's Finest
Why it might be a hit: Vying for a completely different target audience from Alice in Wonderland.
Why it might tank: Marketing for Alice in Wonderland completely overshadows any noise this film can make.

My Predictions:
Alice in Wonderland: $85 million
Shutter Island: $14 million
Cop Out: $9 million
The Crazies: $8 million
Avatar: $8 million

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