Avatar Finally Dethroned From the Top Spot

By none other than...

Dear John? "say what?" It's true, this sappy love-fest, made over $30 million on its opening weekend. This is somewhat of a shock to industry analysts, especially since it's also getting poor reviews.

Meanwhile, John Travolta's From Paris with Love made a disappointing $8 million, however, good enough for third place. From Paris with Love was very much under what box office analysts were predicting.

As for Avatar, it had a good run. And it's still running strong as it is now the biggest movie ever, surpassing Titanic in domestic and worldwide totals.

Weekend Estimates:
Dear John: $32.4 million ($32.4 million total)
Avatar: $23.6 million ($630.1 million total)
From Paris with Love: $8.1 million ($8.1 million total)
Edge of Darkness: $7 million ($29.1 million total)
Tooth Fairy: $6.5 million ($34.3 million total)

Two new movies hit theaters this weekend, each one of them vying to take out Avatar from the top spot.

Dear John

Why it might be a hit: There are a lot of females out there. Wait a minute, I just realize this film is directed by Lasse Hallström, who also directed Chocolat, The Cider House Rules and What's Eating Gilbert Grape (which were pretty decent movies if I remember).
Why it might tank: There is not a single guy I know that is even remotely interested in seeing this film. Also, Rotten Tomatoes rating is currently below 30%.

From Paris with Love

Why it might be a hit: "From the director of Taken."
Why it might tank: Reviews so far, aren't even remotely close to Taken.

My Predictions:
Avatar: $24 million
From Paris with Love: $20 million
Edge of Darkness: $9 million
Dear John: $9 million
When in Rome: $6 million

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