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The end of a decade begs the question: What was the best movie to come out in those ten years? Well, conveniently enough, Motionselect.com is curiously compiling a list of your top ten movies from 2000 – 2009. I don't know how many people venture to this site, but hopefully there will be enough to get a decent top ten.

Anyways, the movie list below, can assist you in your decision (in case you forgot what movies came out in the past decade). And yes, rank them in order of preference.

Also please email me at by the 15th of January with "My Top Ten Films of the Decade" as the subject.

Actually, I'm extending this a week, till the 22nd of January (so you still have more time).

Other than that, thank you for participating in the decennial movie poll as voted by you. And check out the results in the weeks to come on motionselect.com

Movies of 2000
Movies of 2001
Movies of 2002
Movies of 2003
Movies of 2004
Movies of 2005
Movies of 2006
Movies of 2007
Movies of 2008
Movies of 2009

My top 10 movies of the Decade
10 Best Movies of the Decade 2000 - 2009 as voted by you!

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