Avatar Tops Sixth Straight Weekend

Well, here come the record breaking moments as Avatar remained on top of the box office for the sixth straight weekend. The record this week??? Well, Avatar is now the highest grossing movie overseas... With a total of $1.288 billion vs previous record holder, Titanic's $1.242 billion. I presume this will take the worldwide number spot by this week.

Avatar is also the second highest grossing movie domestically, just surpassing The Dark Knight's $533 million. Also, now standing behind Titanic's $600 million.

Weekend Estimates:
Avatar: $36 million ($552.8 million total)
Legion: $18.2 million ($18.2 million total)
The Book of Eli: $17 million ($62 million total)
The Tooth Fairy: $14.5 million ($14.5 million total)
The Lovely Bones: $8.8 million ($31.6 million total)
A few new movies hit theaters this weekend, trying to steer off the Avatar train.

Extraordinary Measures
Why it might be a hit: Harrison Ford
Why it might tank: When I first saw this trailer, I immediately thought "it looked like a made for TV special." I later found out that this movie was made by CBS.

Why it might be a hit: An angel that looks like he's been hitting the weight room in Heaven.
Why it might tank: Lots of the same visual effects we've seen in movies before. Oh yeah, and the minute plot.

Tooth Fairy
Why it might be a hit: another movie the Rock did that's similar, The Game Plan, made $90 million.
Why it might tank: Have you seen the trailer?

My Predictions:
Avatar: $32 million
The Book of Eli: $17 million
Tooth Fairy: $16 million
Legion: $12 million
Extraordinary Measures: $10 million

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