Movie Review: Fast and Furious

Going into Fast and Furious you should know exactly what to expect. And I sure did... The opening scene alone sets up for a very ridiculous action-packed romp ride. This is where many critics fail to understand; they're expecting an intelligent faced-paced action movie.

Intelligent, most likely not, as there are plot holes and funny dramatic dialogue sequences, which I am sure, aren't supposed to be. Fast and Furious moves much like its predecessors: fast and furiously, of course. However, there are times when I feel the studio or director got in the way of what the audience truly wants. Case in point, the storyline develops way too much melodrama for a film of this essence. It goes head-over-heels in trying to develop an emotionally human storyline, which is where this film fails. Honestly, if they would've cut those scenes and just give the audience more of what they want (big action and fast cars) it would have been much better off.

It is great to see Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster reprising their rows. However, even though the original, The Fast and the Furious, has cheesy moments of dialogue and sappiness, it still remains entertaining. It doesn't go too overboard in that direction. The Fast and the Furious also stays more true to car culture and enthusiasts, while Fast and Furious tries to sway more as an action film with cool cars in it.

I didn't hate Fast and Furious, but I was a bit disappointed the filmmakers didn't give more of what the audience wanted, and less of what was unnecessary to make an over-the-top action-packed entertaining movie.
2.5 out of 5

Running Time: 107 minutes
Budget: $90 million

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