Album Review: Royksopp - Junior

Upon first listen, Royksopp's latest effort, Junior, feels like a fun dance pop album. However, upon multiple listens, it grows into a pretty damn good album. Yes, it is on the pop-side of Royksopp (they are releasing another album later this year entitled, Senior, which will be a more atmospheric and ambient approach), but it is still good. Oh, by the way, I mean pop in the most underground sense; not the pop you'd hear on the radio in the United States.

This album features guest vocals including Karin Dreijer Andersson, Anneli Drecker, emerging hot, new artist, Lykke Li, and Swedish sensation, Robyn, who's The Girl and the Robot song, is very catchy and is almost eerily similar to Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor vibe.

So with that said, Royksopp's Junior album is a good listen.
Top Songs: Happy Up Here; The Girl And the Robot
4 out of 5

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