DJ Mix Review: Mixmag Presents Pete Tong - Future Classics 2009

Mixmag's latest, has Pete Tong in the driver's seat. Future Classics 2009 is a decent DJ mix of progressive, techy, tribal, house music. I was actually expecting more from Pete Tong, as I do listen to his weekly show on BBC Radio One. I was disappointed in his song choice; the songs mix well together, but with his wide array of music to choose from, I wish he chose better songs. I guess if this was played in a club sound system, it would sound great, but most people would play this in their cars or stereo at home and there's only so much of techy, progressive house one can listen to. So overall, it is a well mixed CD, but I would prefer listening to his radio show.
Top Songs: DJ Medhi - Pocket Piano (Joakim Piano Debout remix), Underworld - Two Months Off (Tong & Rogers Wonderland Dub), Grace Jones - William's Blood (Aeroplane remix)
3 out of 5

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