Box Office Predictions: Coraline's Just Not Into You

Well, well, well... I got pretty close this weekend as the numero uno movie, He's Just Not That Into You, took in almost $28 million, while The Pink Panther 2 came in fourth, edged out by the stop animated, Coraline. Push in the mean time, didn't exactly do amazing like Summit Entertainment's other property, Twilight, but still managed a 6th place nod, with over $10 million.

Weekend Estimates:
He's Just Not That Into You: $27.5 million ($27.5 million total)
Taken: $20.3 million ($53.4 million total)
Coraline: $16.3 million ($16.3 million total)
The Pink Panther 2: $12 million ($12 million total)
Paul Blart: Mall Cop: $11 million ($97 million total)

My Predictions:
He's Just Not That Into You: $28 million
Pink Panther 2: $18 million
Taken: $14 million
Coraline: $13 million
Push: $12 million

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