Clint Eastwood Topples the War of the Brides

In a rather unexpected move, Gran Torino hit the big pay-dirt this weekend, climbing to the top spot at the box office while beating out Kate Hudson's and Anne Hathaway's Bride Wars. Also, following close behind was the horror flick The Unborn.

Weekend Estimates:
Gran Torino: $29.0 million ($40.0 million total)
Bride Wars: $21.5 million ($21.5 million total)
The Unborn: $21.1 million ($21.1 million total)
Marley and Me: $11.4 million ($123.7 million total)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: $9.5 million ($94.3 million total)

Bride Wars: $16 million
Marley and Me: $14 million
Curious Case of Benjamin Button: $11 million
Gran Torino: $10 million
Bedtime Stories: $10 million

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