Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace, kind of roles off of your tongue, doesn't it? Anyways, the latest installment of Bond featuring the rough and tumble Daniel Craig is a good mindless action piece. The critics, I think, were a little harsh on this film, probably because they were expecting something that was more intuitive like it's predecessor, Casino Royale. I think even Ebert didn't like this film. Yes Ebert. The guy who gave rave reviews for the last Indiana Jones movie. But that's another story.
What I figured, was that the studio executives over at MGM sifted through the many comments about Casino Royale's long length, and shortness of action set pieces that we were used to with the Pierce Brosnan days, so they decided to make this one shorter and action packed. And that's exactly what this one is about. It's still got the raw energy of Casino Royale and isn't shlock-over-the-top, like the films from the rest of the Bond franchise. And that's what it is, a pure action vehicle.
That is probably where it could have a used some help and probably where the movie critics find fault. I mean, there isn't really any character development in this one; it just shows an edgier and darker Bond killing off the baddies. Even when some of the characters are introduced, in perhaps the next scene, they exit the script. At that point, I was like, "OK?"
Whatever the case, although Quantum of Solace won't stand out from the pack or even be as significant as its predecessor, it is still a good action vehicle that is meant for seeing in the theaters.
3.5 out of 5

Running time: 106 minutes
Budget: $230 million
Box Office: (As of 12-02-08)
US Gross: $142,306,038
International Gross: $340,100,000
Total Gross: $482,406,038

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