Movie Review: Mongol

Mongol is one might call, China's Braveheart. It tells the story of the rise of Genghis Khan. A man who wanted to unite all the Mongolians under one law, even if he would have to kill half of them to make it happen. From the history books, I've read that he was a ruthless conqueror. And in this film, it makes him more humane and civil, although he does become the great khan. Which makes me want to see the missing parts, that transformation. I mean, how does he go from this humane person to this, "no-holds-barred" sort to speak, conqueror. That was a missing part in the movie.
There are also mythical elements that this film undertakes which is understandable, but it sometimes delves more into Lord of the Rings territory, making it feel like the storytellers put a little more spin on it.
I didn't mind it too much and I actually thought it is a pretty good film. The cinematography is great, and the locations are even better. So even though this film has it's faults, it does hold up pretty well.
3.5 out of 5

Running time: 120 min
Budget: $20,000,000
Box Office:
US Gross: $5,705,761
International Gross: $19,148,032
Total Gross: $24,853,793

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