Owen, Jen and a Lab, Rule Christmas Weekend

That's right, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston's new comedy took the top spot this holiday weekend. Actually, all but one of the big five new movies made the top 5 this Christmas weekend. It's too bad for The Spirit, as it came in at 9th place, raking in $6.5 million over the weekend, $10.4 million total. Ouch! I guess putting obscenely fake, 'best movie of the year,' reviews in the TV ads doesn't really help. On a side note, I guess Revolutionary Road is only playing in 3 theaters, sorry bout that. I thought it was getting a wide release this weekend.

Weekend Estimates: 3-Day / Total
Marley and Me: $37 million / $51.7 million
Bedtime Stories: $28 million / $38.6 million
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: $27 million / $39 million
Valkyrie: $21.5 million / $30 million
Yes Man: $16 million / $49.6 million

4-day Christmas Weekend Predictions:
Bedtime Stories: $41 million
Marley and Me: $33 million
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: $28 million
Valkyrie: $22 million
The Spirit: $15 million

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