Box Office Predictions: Eyeing the Eagle

Yes, the eagle has landed. The eagle is soaring. blah blah blah. Shia Lebeouf's latest, is proving to be the numero uno movie of the weekend. And he is proving that he is still the hot new kid on the block. However, Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna failed to gain any momentum. It took 9th place and only grossed $3.5 million. Ouch! And it probably doesn't help that the reviews have been poor, for what seems to be an Oscar kind of movie.

Actual Results:
Eagle Eye: $29.2 million
Nights of Rodanthe: $ 13.6 million
Lakeview Terrace: $7 million
Fireproof: $6.5 million
Burn After Reading: $6.2 million

My Predictions:
Eagle Eye: $23 million
Nights in Rodanthe: $12 million
Lakeview Terrace: $7 million
Miracle at St. Anna: $6 million
Burn After Reading: $5.5 million

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