Box Office Predictions: The Dark Knight Still Reigns

I should've had more faith in the caped crusader. Although, The Mummy 3 fared to what I expected, The Dark Knight managed to stay on top again for the third straight week(or at least that's what Sunday's estimate says). It is now close to eclipsing the $400 million mark and sits at number 8 in the all time US box office list.

Actual Top 5:
The Dark Knight: $43.8 million
The Mummy 3: $42.6 million
Step Brothers: $16.3 million
Mamma Mia!: $13.1 million
Journey to the Center of the Earth: $6.9 million

My predictions:
The Mummy 3: $41 million
The Dark Knight: $38 million
Step Brothers: $16 million
Mamma Mia: $11 million
Swing Vote: $9 million

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