Tips: How Avoid Those Annoying Commercials Before the Movie Starts

Ever get put off by going to the movies? Dealing with people talking next to you or sitting behind the tallest person in the world...let's face it...it sucks. But now we have to deal with these annoying commercials. Some of them more horrendous than others(like a 3 minute long music video with an awful song blasting). Well, I've compiled a list for things that you can do to avoid these commercials.

10) Get drunk. You may get more riled up and make the time pass faster. Just don't get thrown out before the movie begins, or during(I've seen that happen).

9) Bring an iPod and just watch your own TV shows or whatever, disconnecting you from both the audio and visual of the commercials before the movie.

8) Bring a PSP. Granted this is pretty much the same tip as above.

7) Bring an iPhone. Another tip that is pretty much the same as the last two. However, if you haven't noticed with the iPhone, you can make calls and surf the web, OOOhh! So I'll double this up with a laptop too.

6) Bring those Sharper Image movie playing glasses. You know the ones I'm talking about. They basically have a mini movie screen embedded inside the frame of the glasses.

5) Go to a theater where they don't play commercials. Theaters like the Arclight don't have commercials before the movie. It might be a little more in price, but it's worth not having those annoying ads. Find out if you have one of these in your neighborhood.

4) Get into press screenings or premieres. If you can get in, then all to you. The only problem about premieres, is that you usually have to dress up a bit.

3) Know a major Hollywood player. I mean if you know the big cheese of the movie you want to watch, he or she might screen the movie at their own theater.

2) Become a part of the Academy. Although, this really only matters during the Oscar season, the time when they mail out screener DVDs.

1) Don't see it in theaters. Just rent it when it comes out on DVD. You'll show them.

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