Album Review: Sigur Rós - með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

First off let me start by saying I didn't really know of Sigur Rós before this album. I just heard their name before, and kinda thought they were artsy-fartsy pansy music. And well, after listening to this album, I found it to be artsy-fartsy pansy music. I mean it's nice sounding and all, but not really my genre to follow. In fact, I couldn't listen to almost half the album because of its moody, slow moving ballads. However, I did like some of the songs and found those to be an interestingly pleasing array of music and vocal talent.
TOP TUNES: Gobbledigook, InnÌ MÈr Syngur Vitleysingur
2.5 out of 5

Tour Dates
eptember 17 • united palace, new york city, new york
september 18 • united palace, new york city, new york
september 19 • bank of america pavillion, boston, massachusetts
september 23 • fillmore, detroit, michigan
september 24 • chicago theatre, chicago, illinois
september 25 • orpheum, minneapolis, minnesota
september 27 • morrison red rocks theatre, denver, colorado
september 28 • saltair, salt lake city, utah
september 30 • the marquee, tempe, arizona
october 1 • copley, san diego, california
october 2 • the greek theatre, los angeles, california
october 3 • the greek theatre, berkeley, california
october 5 • benaroya hall, seattle, washington
october 6 • arlene schnitzer theatre, portland, oregon

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