Coachella 2014 Rumors

Here we go... The 2013 Coachella season has come to a close.  There was no throwback hologram or Daft Punk (but we got a surprise visit from R. Kelly). Coachella 2014 is about a year away, and since early bird passes have just gone on sale, what better way to waste time and stir up the Coachella 2014 rumor pot.

So what are the rumors?

Daft Punk
Well of course... Heavily rumored to play in 2013, but didn't. So another go around for 2014.

The Rolling Stones
Rumor had it Coachella was close to signing them for 2013, but didn't or couldn't... so maybe 2014? If their current tour isn't their last.

David Bowie
Another dream get for Goldenvoice... though I think Bowie's stated he doesn't tour anymore.

The Smiths
Offered $5 million a few years back, but turned it down. Also, Morrissey's vegetarian ways might get in the way; in a 2009 performance he walked off stage due to the smell of BBQ.  Though Coachella has offered to have a vegetarian Coachella.  Also, he's been getting sick a lot lately.

What are some of the Coachella 2014 rumors you've heard about?

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