Win VIP Passes to Coachella 2013!

Sony (not me) is holding two different contests to win two free VIP passes to Coachella.

Challenge 1:
What's the catch?
You have to sign up or already be a part of Sony's Music Unlimited service, and create a 10 song playlist from Coachella 2013's artists.  They will then pick 25 of those playlist, then it's up to you to get your friends to vote for you to win two VIP passes. As the most votes wins.  Hrmm... I could see a potential problem if you do win, deciding which of your friends to take, since they voted for you.

Anyways, it starts today and ends Friday, March 8th.

Challenge 2:
What's the catch?
Just dress up as your favorite Playstation character and Instagram using the tags #PlayStationFan and #CoachellaVIP.  The best one will win two VIP passes to Coachella.

Starts March 18 to March 29th

So here you go, if you want to go to Coachella 2013 (VIP) here's your chance.

For more info and to enter Click here.

(I am not affiliated by Sony... I just haven't done a Coachella article in a while. And well, you could win free passes)

Are VIP passes to Coachella worth it?

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