L.A. Times Blasts EDC and Raves, EDC Promoter Blasts Back

The L.A. Times is now definitely taking a stand against EDM culture.

So, the L.A. Times recently blasted Insomniac Owner Pasquale Rotella and Go Ventures owner Reza Germani for promoting events that are "Ecstasy-fueled" and result in many drug related deaths.  The Times further hints that the deaths and drug use are pushed under a rug because these "raves" bring in lots of money to the economy... Citing that The Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012 brought in $207 million to Las Vegas and $13.1 in state and local taxes, while there were two deaths related to the festival.

Pasquale Rotella has voiced back.  On his Instagram he posted a Call to Action blasting the L.A. Times writer for not doing "credible research on health and safety issues facing large music festivals across the world." He is also asking readers to voice their opinions to the L.A. Times Staff.

Even some of the comments agree with Pasquale, saying that this L.A. Times article is just a smear campaign. Kampy1971 says it's "an attempt to demonize the drug Ecstacy, and the EDM community in general. This article is an attempt to generate even more fear and misunderstanding among people who are unfamiliar with what these events are really like. "

Is it just me, or does the L.A. Times have a personal (or political) vendetta against EDM Festivals?

Read the L.A Times article and Voice your opinion.

Update: Kaskade Just Posted this awesome rebuttal to the L.A. Times article in his Tumblr.

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