Coachella 2013 Rumored Add-Ons

So, you look at the line up and think to yourself where the hell is so and so? Also the fact that there isn't a big Electronic Dance Music Act this year (something that Goldenvoice prides itself on). And well, the fact that (although I like them) Phoenix is headlining (possibly co-headliner in the works?). I have the feeling there are going to be some big add-ons, especially since history tells us that some of the late add-ons were Prince, Madonna, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and M.I.A.. Though I have the feeling, that hoping for anything huge (like David Bowie) would be out of the question.

So what's in store for Coachella 2013?
Who do you think will be added to the Line Up?

Daft Punk
Of course I'm putting this here because Daft Punk fans are crazy here. They were late add's before and could see them alongside Phoenix as co headliners.  New album supposedly drops this Spring.
update: Daft Punk's rep recently told Rolling Stone"Daft Punk is not performing at Coachella this year."

The Knife
They're back this year after a long hiatus... and there have been many rumors that they'll play Coachella this year.

His month of April is still largely open.

Walk The Moon
They have show in March then their next show is in May...?

Queens of the Stone Age
April is wide open... and they're literally the closest band to Coachella by distance.

Most of April is open. Though he plays in Socal on April 5th... He's open from the 7th till the 26th... and his April 5th and 6th show are the only shows in the States so far.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Had a huge 2012, seems like Coachella would pick him up.

Toro Y Moi
New album out, also his tour dates end in early April.

Fiona Apple
Playing Primavera in May, so why not Coachella?

Alabama Shakes
They have a month off from April 6 to May 10 in their tour schedule.

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