Album Review: Junkie XL - Synthesized

Junkie XL - Synthesized

Style: Progressive Something
Pros: First time of hearing him in a while.
Cons: There's a lot of music out there.
Overview: Best known for his remix of Elvis' A Little Less Conversation, Junkie XL has somewhat been a pioneer in the earlier days of electronic music.  I for one, was on board his Progressive Breaks Rock infused music. That is until, I didn't hear from him in a while (I guess he's doing a lot of video game music lately).  Anyways, Synthesized is a good listen, with good production and a lot of 80's throw back sounds (hence the title) but for me, it doesn't really stand out as much, like his Radio JXL did back in the day.  Of, course this could be because the climate of music has changed since then, but still.
3.25 out of 5

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