Album Review: Swedish House Mafia - Until Now

Swedish House Mafia - Until Now

Style: Peak Hour Music
Pros: If you're a Swedish House Mafia fan.
Cons: Already have most of these songs.
Overview: Until Now is their farewell compilation to their One Last Tour.  It's hard to rate a mix album because it's much more about being at the event live and feeling the music with the speakers booming and the crowd enthused.  And also, what am I supposed to rate here? Their mixing skills or quality of the songs they choose? Anyway, Until Now is a good listen and will probably go on my iPod so that I can take it to the gym.  My only caveat is that I've heard all these songs many times over. Probably because I've listen lots of other Swedish House Mafia sets, and also because they play a lot of these songs on Sirius XM (I do like Don't Your Worry Child, but I'm a little burnt from it...).   Until Now plays like a memory of the good times you had while at a Swedish House Mafia event and now that they're splitting up, you just want to relive it one more time.  Oh, and if you purchase it you probably want the deluxe version.

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