Album Review: No Doubt - Push and Shove

No Doubt - Push and Shove

Style: If you don't know what No Doubt sounds like by now...
Pros: Good
Cons: Probably will be played on the radio a lot.
Overview: So, I grew up on this band and was all over Tragic Kindgom when it came out.  Push and Shove is their first album in 11 years, and I enjoyed listening to it.  A lot has changed in music since then, and they've made some adjustments musically (including a track by Major Lazer), but still sticking to their style.  No Doubt has a wide audience and one should expect some Pop-ish elements in their tracks.  Overall, if you're a No Doubt fan you'll like it.
Top Songs: Looking Hot, Push and Shove

3.5 out of 5

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