Album Review: Calvin Harris - 18 Months

Calvin Harris - 18 Months

Style: Dance
Pros: Another good Calvin Harris album
Cons: I had to wait a long time, about 18 months for this album to come out.
Overview: So I questioned Calvin Harris change in style over a year ago.  But you know what, despite being more mainstream Dancey, I still like it.  And it definitely worked for him, as he climbed the charts while teaming up with Rihanna, Neyo, and Florence Welch, to name a few.  I'm not gonna go over the songs on this album because you probably already heard them all, or most of them anyway.  Despite a few songs that aint my style, 18 Months is probably one of the best Dance Albums I've heard this year.
Top Songs: Feel So Close, We Found Love, Iron, We'll Be Coming Back, I Need Your Love, Sweet Nothing
4 out of 5 vinyls

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