Album Review: deadmau5 - Album Title Goes Here

deadmau5 - Album Title Goes Here

Style: deadmau5 style.
Pros: He didn't go the more Pop route like some other EDM artists.
Cons: not much.
Overview: Despite how much of following deadmau5 has created... his Album Title Goes Here doesn't exactly step into the Pop Dance world as many other EDM artists (you know, with every song having famous guess vocals).  His most Pop related tracks are Professional Griefers and The Veldt.  deadmau5 also teams up with Cypress Hill on Failbait, which sounds like an old-school Cypress High track, with a more Electronic backing.  There's even a nod to Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the properly named song Closer.  I guess this shows his inner workings and inspirations from all things Sci-Fi. Thus, going full circle to the whole Electronic Music interstellar debate.  And to all you Dubstep people, there is no Dubstep on this album.  I actually, didn't really like his foray into that genre on his last go around.  An quite possibly, since this is deadmau5, he probably thinks Dubstep is yesterday's news.  Anyways, Album Title Goes Here features a nice variation of music from traditional deadmau5 beats, to dancefloor anthems, to crunchy Electro, and of course calming "the-day-after" music.. which all make for a good listen.
Top Songs: The Veldt, There Might Be Coffee, Telemiscommunications

3.5 out of 5 vinyls

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