Album Review: Van She - Idea of Happiness

Van She - Idea of Happiness

Style: Electro Pop, Friendly Fires-ish
Pros: Fun, light.
Cons: With so many good albums out in 2012, this could get lost in the mix.
Overview: The Aussie band Van She, has made some great songs over the years... and some great remixes, to add to that.  I was unaware they had another album debuting. So to my surprise, I was glad I came across it, because Idea of Happiness, is a nice, cool, fun, Summer album to listen to; driving down the street in warm open Summer air, chilling to some Van She music. Anyways, it's a good and unexpected album, it's definitely worth a listen if you like Electro Pop, 80s influenced, indie bands.
Top Songs: There's no bad song.
3.35 out of 5

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