Mark Farina Booted off Stage for playing HOUSE Music?

Yeah, you heard right. In a bit of disappointing news, Mark Farina was bumped off the stage at the M arquee Day Club in Las Vegas for playing House music... Yes, House music.  Well apparently, Farina was later told by his crew member who was told by the club manager that they "were getting complaints from the table service crowd."  Yes, those damn pesky VIP douches who wanted the other kind of House music... you know the kind they play on the radio.  And lo and behold, the DJ that actually took Farina's place played more of the commercial House variety.

It is a shame that something like this happens, and even to a respected DJ, nonetheless.  He was booked to play there, to play his style of music.  You just don't walk into an event and change it to you're liking... that's pretty obnoxious.

It is even very disrespectful to ask a DJ to play a certain song... it's not a wedding... they're not your very own jukebox.  And for them just to want an entirely different DJ, is a pretty sad state of affairs.  And it will continue to happen as long as people have big wallets along with big egos.

As for Marquee, they are a business and the table service crowd brings in the money, so they're slaves to those people.

It sucks for those people who did pay to see Mark Farina and didn't get the chance to because the people from the table service weren't lovin' it.

Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

I would have booed the table crowd. Loudly. DURR LOOK AT ME AND MY MONEY HEY DJ PLAY DAVID GUETTA. (No offense intended, Mr. Guetta.) Seriously, just sad.