Album Review: Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

Style: Dancey Glam Rock
Pros: Fun
Cons: I'm not the biggest Scissor Sisters fan (so actual Scisser Sisters fans will probably like this album more).
Overview: Let me just say that I do like some of their songs, and think their live shows are awesome, but their songs tend to sway a bit more Glam and Camp for my tastes.  I did enjoy this album, however, and most of the songs are nice to listen to, but my favorite songs are the ones produced by Calvin Harris and Stuart Price.
Top Songs: Only the Horses, Somewhere
3 out of 5

Scissor Sisters Website

Purchase: Magic Hour [Explicit]

WTF? Josh Homme doing a Scissor Sisters Infomercial... This is pretty funny!

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