Album Review: Justin Bieber - Believe (From A Non-Bieber Fan's View)

Justin Bieber - Believe

Style: Pop
Overview: You're probably like WTF? This blog is going to crap.  Keep your pants on readers...  First off, this will not be reviewed like my other album reviews, because well, Justin Bieber doesn't really fit into my realm of music. And frankly, I'm not fairest person to rate an album like this, since I am not the intended target audience (ala teenage girl).  It's more out of curiosity; I came across Believe, and since I have open ears, I said "why not have a listen?"

With that preface, onto the album...
Believe is well produced though a tad bit formulaic (I know it's Pop music). Unfortunately (or not) for me, only a few songs received the non-skip action. The best one being Beauty and the Beat (which features Nicki Minaj), is co-produced by Zedd... No wonder I like that one.  For most of the songs though, it feels like a little kid singing to me... which understandably feels awkward (but to a teenage girl it's quite the opposite, I suppose).

Believe has the feeling it was created by brilliant record label executives sitting around a table, hiring an endless stream of Pops' hottest producers to make formulaic songs that cater directly to the mass market and, of course, the Bieber Fanbase, in which this album will do incredibly well.  Believe has some guts and a more adult (Justin Timberlake... ahem!) direction for Bieber, but still isn't quite on par for me to review (so there wont be a rating for this album). Then again, I'm not a teenage girl... And if I was, the record label execs will ring up a "ka-ching!"
Top Songs: Take You, Beauty and the Beat.

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