Album Review: Logistics - Fear Not

Logistics - Fear Not

Style - Drum and Bass, Dubstep
Pros: Some really good tracks
Cons: Feels more like a 2 disc album instead of one.
Overview: Fear Not is a pretty good album. My only complaint is that it feels like this should have been a two disc album; with part one containing the more upbeat songs and part two containing the more chill songs.   Right now, if you listen to the album as a whole, the songs are a bit spread over the place... it gets going then it slows down a bit, then gets going again, then slows down, etc.  Maybe that's what they wanted, but honestly, I just skip over the songs that slow my pace down, since that's the case.  With that said, I still enjoyed the album because there are pretty awesome songs on it.
Top Songs: Timelapse, 2999, Crystal Skies
3.5 out of 5 vinyls

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