Album Review: Kris Menace - Electric Horizon

Kris Menace - Electric Horizon

Style: Smooth melodic Electro House-ish
Pros: Nice, smooth, chill.
Cons: There really isn't a track that stand's out (it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad)
Overview: Kris Menace's new album Electric Horizon is a very nice sounding album, something you can put on in the background on a warm sunny afternoon or coming home after a party. It is chill, but has a beat that'll get you movin.' It is a good album the more you listen to it especially because there are no songs that aren't good on here. The only caveat is that you might remember this album as a whole instead of by it's individual songs at they easily blend into one another.
Top Songs: Too hard to choose.
3.5 out of 5 vinyls

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