Album Review: Klaypex - Ready To Go

Klaypex - Ready To Go

Style: Dubstep Electro
Pros: Better than I expected
Cons: not much
Overview: When I first listened to this album, I immediately though Dubstep Guns from Corridor Digital! And sure enought, it was indeed Klaypex who provided the music in that viral Youtube video. What??? Crazy? Yes.

Ready To Go
is a great experience, nice cuts and stabs going on here. In a time where Dubstep is hot right now and it needs to evolve before it starts getting oversaturated, Ready To Go is a good evolutionary step. If you're into the Dubstep Electro biz, then you might want to take a listen to Klaypex.
Top Songs: Ready To Go, Hello, Stars
4 out of 5 vinyls

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